Welcome to the New PLFA Ad Hoc Committee

Strides Football Club would like to congratulate the new Ad Hoc Committee which takes over from the Executive Committee with immediate effect.

The appointment of the Ad Hoc Committee was effected by the PLFA Members, on the occasion of PLFA’s Extraordinary Congress that was held on the 3rd of September 2023 at Molambo Hall. The Congress borrowed these powers from the areas of authority of the Executive Committee in absentia.

The appointment of the Ad Hoc Committee was preceded by the revocation of the mandate of the then Executive Committee, which was properly and correctly executed within the area of authority of the Congress.

We wish the Ad Hoc Committee well on its appointment, and on its journey to giving the association a jump start to getting back on track. We know it is a mammoth task and the demand and expectations from the Members are high. We will support them in every way possible. 

The mandate of the Ad Hoc Committee, among other duties, is to:

  • Lead the association to the Ordinary Committee in January 2024, a Congress of which will be elective,
  • Kickstart the electoral process that will culminate into Executive Committee elections during the next Congress,
  • Remediate the Financial Books of the association for 2022 and 2o23,
  • Procure Auditing for the association’s finances for 2022 and 2023,
  • Complete the junior leagues for 2023,
  • Issue prizes for 2023 leagues, including Super League,
  • Commence with the Super League for 2023,
  • Commence with the Affiliation Process for 2024, 
  • Recommend Chairpersons and Prosecutors for the Judicial Bodies for approval by the next Congress, and
  • Recommend Auditors for the approval of the next Congress.

We trust that Phelindaba is on its way back to excellence. As we take the focus back to the proper running of the club, we trust that the playing fields will be leveled and the association will begin to play its role in the truest sense of the word.

We must not forget to thank Real Jabulani FC who played a pivotal role in getting us to this point. They initiated a petition for the convening of the Extraordinary Congress. They also ensured that when the Executive Committee continued to be non-responsive, they let the Members take over.

We also thank Mr. Nochy Chauke for his wisdom and leadership in chaing the Extraordinary Congress which led to the appointment of the Ad Hoc Committee.

We are unfortunately disappointed in SAFA Tshwane for not taking an opportunity to exercise leadership when there was a lapse on the part of the PLFA Executive Committee. Whilst the notion of letting LFAs solve their problems is welcomed, it is not always best to leave LFAs to their own devices beyond a certain point as that often leads to unnecessarily drastic solutions. We believe that we are a developing organization and that when we make mistakes, those who mind us must intervene to show us the correct way before we break too many things.  There is also absolutely no need that should there be a fallout between the committee and the Members, the matter should end up with a committee being dismissed. There are amicable solutions that could be brought by the motherbodies before things get too drastic. Our advice to SAFA Tshwane is, to take the opportunity to lead. Yes, Do not enter into a fray, but do not leave LFAs to their devices beyond a certain point. Intervene on time and monitor the implementation of the solutions.


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