We are Still Forming, We Will Get There

Let me first start by congratulating Umkhonto United Brothers FC for their win against Strides FC at Masupha Grounds on the 14th of March 2020. For them, it was a well deserved win. Well done.

We lost our second match, 4 -2 this time.

Again, our team flattened during the match, leaving the hosts to play by themselves for most of the second half. We started fairly well and even opened the scored board. But as soon as well lost the stamina, we started making mistakes that got us punished. Umkhonto equalised and proceeded to lead us. We managed to equalise. But the last 20 minutes of the match the ball was mostly on our half. Even our forwards were back to play in our half. We continued to make mistakes and we punished. two more goals were scored.

It cannot be said that we did not improve from the previous match with Sabona Chelsea FC though. More still needs to be made at training to improve the situation. Once more, we do not expect miracles, but we do expect improvement.

Our next match is with Mountain Movers FC, one of the consistent leaders in the league. As we approach that match, we really need to focus on fixing our weaknesses, especially with our stamina and pace.

Yes we still lack tactically, we also lack with some basics. But these are not to deter us. These are not the primary reasons why we lost the laast two matches. In fact, we would not have scored to two goals with Umkhonto is these were the primary reasons of our loss. The common denominator is still stamina.

We wish our boys well as they prepared for the Movers match. May they attend training in their numbers, put much work both as individuals at home and as a collective at training, and be ready for the next match.

Remember, were are still forming, we will get there.


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