We shall become South Africa’s leaders in the art and science of the development of players and officials for the higher structures of football in South Africa. In the Tshwane region, we shall dominate the LFA-affiliated football clubs and organisations with this practice.


Strides Football Club is a Tshwane-based football club that is aggressively developing and promoting its players and officials for the higher structures of football in the country. We also prepare our young people to face challenges in their different walks of life in their futures through elementary life skills involving structure, discipline, competition, approach, and teamwork. Our promise to our communities, SAFA, and government is, more than producing quality players and officials to improve the outlook of football in South Africa, we also commit to producing groomed, efficient, and effective adults for competitive professional and family lives, and responsible citizens.


  • The advancement of Human Development for both players and officials
  • Good governance and proper stakeholder management for the Alignment with the corporate world.
  • Parent and community involvement for a solid foundation and relevance of the existence of the club.
  • The facilitation of the Perpetual Life of the Club regardless of the inevitable leadership changes.

The above drives all the decisions that we make in the club. Any decision that goes against any of these elements is regarded as a decision that is NOT fit for purpose.


  • We value each member as a unique contributor to the success of the club.
  • We value the creation of excellence in everything we do.
  • We value our unique development and promotional ambitions as the central activity contributing to profitable relationships with the players, officials, SAFA, Government, and the community.
  • We value our organizational identity as an emblem of excellence.
  • We value the quality of our products (these being the players and the officials) to ensure that we are always in harmony with the needs of our stakeholders. These being, SAFA and all its structures, financial and functional partners.