Under 15 Gives a Promising Performance

Strides Under 15 team has surprised its tough opponents, Jacaranda Callies FC by beating them 4 – 3 on the 30th of May 2021 at Mbolekwa Ground. This after the previous fixture was converted into a friendly match due to the non-arrival of the Match Official. Samkelo, our new striker netted 2 goals, Masefi netted 1 and Kagiso netted another 1 to make it 4 – 3 against Jacaranda.

This victory picks Strides up from previously number six on the Under 15 Stream table to number 4. Besides this loss to Strides, Jacaranda Callies who last week were at number 4 did pick up a win that put them to number 3 on the table whilst Strides went on to number 4. Both teams are on 9 points each, but Jacaranda has a superior goal difference.

Young Zebras is at number 2 after having lost only 1 match to Young Tigers in their 5 matches, with 12 points. Both Strides and  Callies who are 9 points each are also 5 matches each. This makes them both immediately within reach of the number 2 position in contention with Zebras. 

Young Tigers is at the pole position on the table having won all 6 of their matches, including winning 4 – 0 over Strides and 3 – 2 over Young Zebras. They are yet to play Jacaranda Callies on the 11st of June.

Strides has a lot of respect for these teams, including Sabona Chelsea, who have shown a streak of consistent good performances in the past seasons. However Strides remains intent on making it to the Streams Play Offs at the end of the season which it can only achieve by being either number 1 or 2 of the stream. Therefore we will keep the focus on collecting the maximum points as far as possible.


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