The PLFA Ordinary Congress Collapses

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Strides FC has learned with a little bit of disappointment that the PLFA Ordinary Congress that was scheduled for January 27, 2024, collapsed. 

On December 3, 2023, Strides expressed its excitement when it was reported that the PLFA Ad Hoc Committee (Task Team) issued the notice for the Ordinary Congress. See this link:

In the above link, we gave a brief account of where we came from with the sufferings of football since 2022. We also listed areas where we believed the Task Team was beginning to make inroads, such as seeing the Task Team taking steps toward implementing financial and management accounting practices and undertaking financial audits after a two-year absence. Although more still needs to be done, truly, things are beginning to come together. We are happy with this progress and with the association.

On the 27th, the Congress collapsed at item 2 (Roll Call). At this point, the main reason for the collapse was that the Task Team could not demonstrate Membership and Members who were in good standing to determine the quorum.

In this disappointment, we are delighted that, through these trying times, the Members of the association were able to take up their position in ensuring that the Congress is compliant with this Constitution. They did so without slandering or talking past each other. If anything, this demonstrated that the association can self-correct. This is not too common in football today, especially at the LFA level.

In their defense, the Task Team mentions the issue of lack of handover as a hindrance to getting things right. This is where we differ as Strides. We believe that the handover must be driven by the new incumbents and not by the old. As far as we know, there was not much to hand over between the old EXCO and the new Task Team, except from Elvis Bokaba and Thabang Matemane. However, the handover needed to be staunchly driven by the Task Team. In addition, the EXCO that finished in 2022 was and remains available for any handover that dates back to before 2022.

Therefore, we urge the Task Team to do the best that it can to gather as much information as it can to reconvene the Ordinary Congress with an elective component. We are available to assist.

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