Taking a Break

Strides Football Club would like to announce that it is taking a break from football activities for the current season.

Over the years, the club has been struggling to find its place in the football fraternity in its current form. Playing in leagues and competitions, winning and losing, is the foundational component of football, but it is not the driving force behind the club. It is with the club’s driving force that we have mostly failed. See the Driving Force of the club on the Vision and Values page (https://stridesfc.org.za/vision/).

As we take a pause, we have already started to re-align ourselves with our Vision and Values. We want to be a developmental club in the truest sense. We also want to manage and maintain talent, nurture it, showcase it, and promote it. These two main functions must be what define the club. Of course, playing in leagues and competitions is a foundational aspect of our business, but only to enable our flagship functions.

In our re-establishment, we will rely heavily on skills, particularly in the areas of coaching and administration. This means we will seek to engage with qualified coaches and administrators. We will seek meaningful partnerships that will enhance the intake and upkeep of players, and make use of high-quality facilities. We should be ready to start in earnest in the 2025 season.

In the meantime, we will not affiliate with PLFA until next season.

As individuals from the club, we will, however, make use of our expertise to contribute meaningfully to football structures, wherever we are required. Mr. Sizwe Nkosi will continue to serve on the SAFA Tshwane Regional Executive Committee and the Tshwane Region 3 Sports Council. Mr. Jesse Mogale will continue to serve on the Commercial and Marketing Committee of SAFA Tshwane. Wherever else we are called to participate, we will attend.


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