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Taking a Break

Strides Football Club would like to announce that it is taking a break from football activities for the current season. In the meantime, we will not affiliate with PLFA until next season. […]

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It Looks Like the Congress Might NOT Happen

We do have problems as an LFA, but the problems are soluble. We just need a positive attitude towards solving the problems. We are of the view that we need to apply correct solutions for the problems we have. That is why we want to give the Executive Committee (and, in particular, the Chairperson) to take the association into confidence about the issues. It is important that they see, acknowledge and own the problems that we see, and come up with ways to resolve them. For them to resign, or for us to dismiss them is not necessarily a solution, especially if we do not know the Leadership’s take on the issues. Therefore we urge all Members to rather take a posture of seeking to first understand the problems holistically, get the perspective of the Leadership, and then engineer solutions according to the specification and size of the problems identified. […]

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Paying of the Referees by Clubs is Wrong

In a shock move, on the 7th of April 2023 PLFA sent a communication to all its Members about the printing of cards, but the shocker really being the paying of “Referee Travelling Fee” by the clubs at the grounds.

This is a shocker in so many different¬†levels, but we will explore only two, that is reneging the association’s own Congress resolution, and breaching existing prescripts. […]