PLFA Ordinary Congress Date Announced

The date of the PLFA Ordinary Congress is out. It will be held on January 27, 2024. This is a gigantic step forward. Something that has been eluding the association for almost two years now. The last time the association had an Ordinary Congress was in 2022.

In our view, the association took several steps backward when it elected the then-Executive Committee in February 2022. This committee practically scrapped almost all existing controls of the association, including:

  1. Congresses,
  2. Financial and Management Accounting,
  3. Regular Executive Updates (blackout on Executive Decisions),
  4. Disciplinary Regime,
  5. Organizational Change control in implementing disruptive decisions,
  6. Regional Participation, and, but not last
  7. Alignment with the PLFA vision.

After a long period of frustration and failed Congress attempts, Strides FC and Real Jabulani FC partnered to co-sponsor a change initiative. The initiative had to be established after many failed attempts to get the then Executive Committee to consider and correct its mistakes, in vain. The two clubs then resolved to lead a process to get the PLFA Members to agree to remove the Executive Committee. Most clubs agreed to this, which became a true catalyst for the change.

Even clubs that originally contributed to the election of the then-executive committee also bought on this change initiative with vigor, indicating that the frustration was something that was felt by all clubs in the same way.

We always say that as Strides FC, we will contribute to the betterment of football in Pheli in our own unique way, and this is one of the ways. We contribute to ideas and concepts that bring about positive change.

So, we put together an Ad Hoc Committee concept for the association to consider and adopt. We contributed immensely to the convention of the Extraordinary Congress that culminated in the ousting of the then Executive Committee and the appointment of the current Ad Hoc Committee (known to many as the Task Team). Real Jabulani was at the forefront of engagement with the Members, and Strides was in the background, driving the process.

Today we talk about some positive changes that are brought about by the Ad Hoc Committee, including the pronouncement of the date of the Ordinary Congress without pressure from any front. We have also seen them taking steps toward implementing financial and management accounting practices. We hear that there will be a financial audit after a two-year absence. Although more still needs to be done, truly, things are beginning to come together. We are happy with this progress and with the association.

We salute Real Jabulani FC and Zakhele Ntuli for the role they have played in bringing about this change. These are the real warriors of football. For them, it is not only about winning in the field of play but also about the sustenance of football in Pheli, creating a real legacy for the current generation, and propelling the association to realize its vision. The actions of these warriors show that leaders are not only those who are in positions but also those who have a love of Football, Phelindaba, and its Youth, and are willing to do something about it, wherever they are.

We recognize the Role of Real Jabulani in galvanizing the Change Initiative in 2023. Salute!!

This recognition would be untrue if our very own Malcom Lethole were not mentioned. This warrior shook off many of his commitments in this time of need and dedicated himself to being part of the solution to the problem of football in Phelindaba. He practically allowed himself to be used in whatever capacity by Strides FC in driving the change initiative and further allowed himself to be appointed as part of the Ad Hoc Committee to dedicate himself further to the structure and being part of the solution. Salute Malcom.

We wish Malcom Lethole well in his role on the PLFA Ad Hoc Committee. We recognize his efforts in driving the change initiative toward change itself. Salute!

In the meantime, we have unfortunately seen a massive deterioration in Strides FC’s performance and compliance overall this year. We have seen walkovers and other performance lapses as a club that no club leader can proudly mention. As happy as we are that the association is going to close the year on a better note, we are not happy with the decline in the technical performance of the club itself. As such, we are taking steps to rectify this. We have identified the root cause. The promise we make to the association is that we will not come back next season with the same ailments. We would rather not participate at all than return with the same ailments.

We will make detailed pronouncements of how we are going to rectify our issues and how we are going to approach 2024 in a different post. We, however, had to say this little on this post so that we are not seen as being oblivious to our very own weaknesses while paying attention to the issues of the association.

We look forward to a prosperous 2024 for Strides FC, the Phelindaba Local Football Association, all its Members, and the footballing community of Saulsville, Atteridgeville, and Lotus.


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