Bad Weekend

This was a bad week for Strides Football Club and all due to lack of preparedness.

Whilst we did very well last week with Under 11 and Under 15 in the PLFA Super Cup, both of which will go to the Semi-Finals, we did the opposite this week with the Under 13 and Under 17 in the same competition.

With Under 13 we had few players available, and ended playing with a large compliment of the Under 11 players with a total number of 9 players on the field. But we lost 2 – 0 to Pretoria Cardinals. The boys played really well under the circumstances.

With Under 17, well same situation as Under 13, only worse. Our administrative omissions contributed immensely to the onslaught in that there was no Team Sheet by kickoff, which technically is a walkover. So Young Heights FC, whom we beat with the Under 11, benefited from our blunder. But we apologise to them too because we know they were looking forward to a good game. We ended up playing a friendly with them, but nothing to write home about because you could see that the boys on both sides were demoralised.

Back to the Drawing board for management in resolving these issues,This competition, The Phelindaba Local Football Association Super Cup is really a good idea. It is a stepping stone in preparing for the actual league kickoff. We are grateful that we experience these issues in this competition, preparing us better for the season.

Whist this was a bad weekend, it could be that wake up call we need needed in order to start the season well.

This year its #WinPlayLove for Strides Football Club, stru.


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